Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Pitts-homemade deodorant

It's nothing new, making your own deodorant but it doesn't hurt to spread the word.

My husband and I have been using natural brands like Tom's and various crystal deodorants for many years. The reason was to avoid the chemicals in antiperspirants, particularly aluminum.  I've read a lot about the possible link between aluminum to Altheimers Disease and more recently, Breast Cancer!   Wow.  Don't want to go there.

Settling for a good deodorant versus an antiperspirant requires some compromise.  Most people want to stop the sweating along with the odor.  Understandable, but it goes against the way our bodies were designed. Sweating helps to detoxify our bodies and is part of a healthy lifestyle.  Not to mention, antiperspirants build up on the surfaces our our skin or underarm hair and this creates a bacterial problem, making you stinky!

We live in the Southwest and you just can't help but sweat, it's a losing battle!!  So, unless I'm dressing up in my finest for a special event (in which case I might very rarely cheat) I stay away from antiperspirants.

So how to avoid becoming stinky is based on stopping bacterial growth.  Enter natural antibacterials! Coconut oil, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil are a few examples.    (Lavender oil repels mosquitoes and smells really nice, too).  All are easily accessible today and go a long way if stored properly.  Try to buy organic products.


Baking Soda
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Essential oil (I'm using Eucalyptus)
Wide-mouthed, shallow container w/lid OR an empty stick deodorant container...
Small Sauce Pan


Simply combine the soda, cornstarch and coconut oil in a small saucepan....

My coconut oil was a little liquid already from the ambient temperature in our home but is normally solid.
Turn on the heat, about medium low, and stir till coconut oil is melted and everything is thoroughly combined.  Don't cook it, just get it so a liquid consistency. 

Add essential oil, just a few drops (less is more in this case, too much could be irritating to your skin). Stir to combine...

Pour into your container and refrigerate...Once it's solid, you're good to go!  (If you live a a warm climate you may need to keep it refrigerated, kinda cold on the pits!  In this case, using an empty stick deodorant container might be just the trick).

I hope this was informative and helpful!  Here's to healthy armpits!!  

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  1. I usually buy what ever is cheap at the Dollar Tree or .99 Store. :-) Maybe we'll give this a try! Thanks for posting it Sue.